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Nutmeg [luuk-jun] : A dark brown, egg-shaped seed. It is usually slit, roasted, ground and kept in an air-tight container. The benefit of nutmeg is to treat distension of the abdomen and to help with digestion. It is a nourishing tonic and prevents diarrhea and certain diseases of the stomach and the intestine.

Clovers [kan-plu] : It is the bud picked before they flower and sun-dried to brownish black. The oil found in cloves is strong in flavour. Wash and roast until fragrant, can be used whole or ground. The benefit of cloves is to be used as a remedy for indigestion because it dispels gas and aids digestion.

Cumin [yee-rah] : The small elongated grayish white seeds resemble fennel in appearance. Wash, roast and pound or grind, then keep in a closed jar. The benefit of cumin is to dispel gas, relieve stomachache and distension of the abdomen. It can also aid indigestion.

Cardamom [luuk-kra-wan] : Each pod contains a dozen or so black seed which are generally roasted, slit, pounded and added to the dish. The benefit of cardamom is to be used as a tonic to dispel gas in the stomach and to discharge phlegm.

Mace [dok-jun] : The yellowish-brown, petal-like covering the seed. Mace is roasted ground and best kept in an air-tight container. The benefit of mace is to promote appetite and dispel gas. It is also used for treatment of indigestion and as a tonic for digestion and for the heart.

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Star anise [poi-kuk] : The star-shaped fruit is an essential spice in Chinese five-spice powder. Wash and roast until fragrant before use. The benefit of star anise is to dispel gas and phlegm. It can also serve as a laxative and thus effective for treating constipation and distention of the abdomen.

Black Pepper [prik-thai-dum] : They are dried pepper berries with skin on. Mature berries are bigger in size and have stronger flavour. The benefit of black pepper is to promote appetite, dispels wind and reduces fever.

White Peppercorns [prik-thai-kao] : Dried pepper berries with skin off. Select those with natural process of milling which produces the creamy rather than white berries. The benefit of white peppercorns is to promote appetite, dispels wind and reduces fever.

Curry Powder [pong-karee] : Spice mixture containing tumeric, coriander seeds, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, mustard, cardamom and others. It is the key ingredient in yellow curry paste, and also used in stir-fried crab dishes.

Bay Leaves [bai-kra-wan] : The dark green leaves used extensively in western dishes. In Thai cooking, they are sometimes added to roast chicken and mutsamun curry.

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