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Jungle Curry with Pork

[ thai food : kang pa moo ]

     Thai Recipe Ingredients

* 300 grams pork, cut into well pieces

* 3 tablespoons red curry paste

* 5 eggplants, cut into well pieces

* 20 grams pea eggplant

* 40 grams ginger, thinly sliced

* 50 grams string bean, cut into 1" long


* 10 grams baby peppercorn

* 20 grams baby corn

* 2 cups soup (or water)

* 2 tablespoons fish sauce

* 1/4 teaspoon salt

* 5 kaffir lime leaves

* 2 red chili pepper, sliced diagnally

* 1/2 cup holy basil

* 2 tablespoons cooking oil

Thai Food Recipe | Jungle Curry with Pork
Thai Food Recipe | Jungle Curry with Pork

     Thai Food Preparations

1. Heat oil in a wok over medium heat. Add red curry paste and stir until aromatic. Then add pork and stir until nearly done.

2. Add eggplants, pea eggplant, baby peppercorns, gingers, string beans, baby corn and 1 cup of soup. Stir and wait until the soup is boiling.


3. Add 1 cup of soup and season with fish sauce, salt, red chili pepper, and kaffir lime leaves.

4. Wait until boiling again, add holy basil and stir until all ingredients mixed well. Remove from heat.

5. Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve immediately with hot steamed rice.

(For 2 Serving)




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